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welcomeODMWelcome to OurDowntownMarina.com – an information harbor for the slip holders at Volunteer Landing Marina (VLM).   Full Membership is reserved exclusively for persons who keep their boats at the marina. There are no membership meetings, officers, or membership dues.  Slip holders are simply encouraged to create a free user account and contribute content in the form of posts, pictures & comments.

We welcome posts describing accounts of (a) the good times you enjoy on your boats and in our beautiful downtown area, (b) invitations you may wish to extend for friendly “get-togethers” on your boat or at some other specific location in the downtown area, (c) photos of you with your family & friends at the marina or out on the water,  (d) delicious recipes you have prepared and enjoyed on your boat, and (e) any other helpful “boat keeping” tips that you would like to pass along.   In addition, we look forward to regular features from Joe Cornelius (our Harbormaster) with (a) important information about the operation of the marina, (b) interesting photos he has taken, (c) information about upcoming events on the water, (d) alerts about “specials” offered at the ships store, (e) introduction of new staff members & slip holders, and (f) preventive maintenance & security tips.

If everyone creates a username and posts something new every now and then, we will all certainly become better at associating names and faces with the boats docked in our marina.   Ultimately, this will increase our sense of “community” and provide added security for everyone.

Game Plan: TN vs Ole Miss?

TN_MSDo you have a game plan for Saturday’s Tennessee/Ole Miss game? You may want to consider the Downtown Grill & Brewery. Their focus is uniting excellent beers with the exquisite flavors of open-flame mesquite grilled steak, seafood, and chicken. They offer a menu ranging from pastas to Mexican cuisine to seafood to the finest steaks. Best of all, you can easily walk to the restaurant from the marina. If you are planning to go there for the game, you may want to consider getting there early and saving a few seats at your table for some of the rest of us!

The Watch . . .

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 11.55.27 AMOne year ago, Andrew’s Dad passed away. Andrew loved him dearly and it still hurts him that he is gone. John Polyak proudly served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War by piloting landing boats that delivered marines to the shore. He also loved college football and the Tennessee Vols. Homecoming 2014 was celebrated at UT this past Saturday providing the opportunity for a brief but meaningful memorial service aboard the KokOasis docked at the Vol Navy. Our good friend, Lt. Commander Kevin West, officiated the beautiful ceremony captured in the attached video. It is only 4.5 minutes long, but it is definitely worth watching.

Alarming Information . . .

alarmI recently began exploring options for boat security systems. A simple Google search reveals all kinds of options, from simple wireless screeching alarms to complete packages with surveillance and monitoring. For most of us, it comes down to what level of security we are looking for and of course cost.

The best complement to owning a boat security system is owning a good relationship with your neighbors, including knowing how to get in touch with them whenever suspicious activity is observed around your boat.  Becoming a Registered Member at this site is the first step to getting to know all your neighbors at the marina. Registered Members are provided exclusive access the Member Directory with important contact information that can be very helpful in case of an emergency.  If you have already registered, encourage your neighbors to register as well.

Below, is a list of some of the typical options that are out there. You will find many, MANY more.

GE 51107 120 Decibel System Kit (Available at WalMart) This system (cost: $25) is comprised of a door alarm and three window alarms that are very easy to setup and use.  The wireless design of this security alarm system is completely hassle-free and a four-digit keypad lets you set a security code to further enhance the safety of your boat. Contact: WalMart

Aqualarm This company offers a broad menu of systems and components for a variety of boat sizes and security situations. Contact: aqualarm.net; 888-298-6206

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URGENT Message . . .

URGENTIf an urgent message needs to be sent to multiple slip holders at the marina, one of the best ways to do that is to send an email.  If you have become a registered Member at this site (it’s free), you can list your email address in the Member Directory which can only be accessed by other Members.   Urgent messages might include information about storm damage, security alerts, special events, and RSVP invitations.  As a Member, you may also use this contact information to reach other Members about mutual interests or advice.

Neyland Checkered . . .

Neyland_CheckeredNeyland Stadium was rockin’ as expected on SaUTrday, bUT the Vols jUsT coUdn’T get it done against Florida in 2014, bUT wait UnTil next time. I’ve watched a lot of Tennessee football in my day. I haven’t missed a single home game since 1982. I’ve watched the Vols win in dominating fashion over many opponents, fight competitively with much stronger teams (winning and losing), and play in other games to the level of other opponents. Sadly, I have also watched them compete in some games that were decided by what appeared to be poor officiating. This year, the Vols have lost to Oklahoma, Georgia and Florida. It is my impression that NONE of those teams acUTally beat the Vols. Instead, the Vols beat themselves. They made too many yoUTful mistakes and failed to capitalize on too many of the opportUniTies that made come their way. And do you know what? . . . I am OK with it. Our time (their time) will come. As bUTch Jones is re-building the program one brick at a time, some of the “bricks” that mUsT be layed at the foUndaTion mUsT be lessons learned through the adversity of games that were lost when they could have (should have) won. It’s great to be a Tennessee Vol. Our time will come. In the meantime, click the image for a larger view of Neyland checkered.

Game Plan?

TN_GADo you have a game plan for watching the Tennessee/Georgia game on TV at noon on Saturday? Consider watching this away game upstairs at the Downtown Grill & Brewery (424 S Gay St.). Afterward, consider joining Bill & Mary Ramsbey aboard Rockin’ Rocky Top III (formerly All Inn) at Slip B-3 for the rechristening of their boat.  The VOLS are looking very competitive this year.  A win against the Bulldogs in their own dawg house is certainly possible.  Go VOLS!