Welcome . . .

welcomeODMWelcome to OurDowntownMarina.com – an information harbor for the slip holders at Volunteer Landing Marina (VLM).   Full Membership is reserved exclusively for persons who keep their boats at the marina. There are no membership meetings, officers, or membership dues.  Slip holders are simply encouraged to create a free user account and contribute content in the form of posts, pictures & comments.

We welcome posts describing accounts of (a) the good times you enjoy on your boats and in our beautiful downtown area, (b) invitations you may wish to extend for friendly “get-togethers” on your boat or at some other specific location in the downtown area, (c) photos of you with your family & friends at the marina or out on the water,  (d) delicious recipes you have prepared and enjoyed on your boat, and (e) any other helpful “boat keeping” tips that you would like to pass along.   In addition, we look forward to regular features from Joe Cornelius (our Harbormaster) with (a) important information about the operation of the marina, (b) interesting photos he has taken, (c) information about upcoming events on the water, (d) alerts about “specials” offered at the ships store, (e) introduction of new staff members & slip holders, and (f) preventive maintenance & security tips.

If everyone creates a username and posts something new every now and then, we will all certainly become better at associating names and faces with the boats docked in our marina.   Ultimately, this will increase our sense of “community” and provide added security for everyone.

Game Plan?

TN_GADo you have a game plan for watching the Tennessee/Georgia game on TV at noon on Saturday? Consider watching this away game upstairs at the Downtown Grill & Brewery (424 S Gay St.). Afterward, consider joining Bill & Mary Ramsbey aboard Rockin’ Rocky Top III (formerly All Inn) at Slip B-3 for the rechristening of their boat.  The VOLS are looking very competitive this year.  A win against the Bulldogs in their own dawg house is certainly possible.  Go VOLS!

To Winterize, or Knot . . .

frozenNow that Fall is upon us, many boaters are trying to decide just when to winterize. Depending on the kind of boat and how an owner uses or enjoys it, some can extend their seasons indefinitely as long as there is water under the keel.

For many cruisers berthed in wet slips, it is possible to winterize the toilet and fresh water supply systems (to galley, head and wash-down faucets) but leave the motors un-winterized, by keeping a bilge heater in the engine compartment through the winter. This allows short day trips year round without having to keep the entire boat heated throughout the cold season. Running your engines periodically year round is good for them and should also help you keep tabs on their condition.

Owners with small boats that have bilge heaters and full or partial enclosures can still boat and keep reasonably warm throughout the cold months as well. You might be surprised how comfortable a ride on a cold day can be if you simply keep the wind off the occupants.